We manufactured multiple mobile clinic units over the years. These vehicles come with a multitude of equipment and capabilities. The vehicle is manufactured in the form of a passenger bus which is split into various sections.

The optometry section contains all the equipment necessary to complete routine eye tests.

The examination section contains ample space and set up in such a way to provide the patient with the necessary comfort during the visit. The units are fitted with a fully functional bathroom as well.

The dentistry section comes complete with a dental chair which is mounted by means of our special in-house technique. This ensures that the equipment is always safe to use and avoids injury and damage during transit. The unit is fitted with flat screen televisions to ensure patients are fully entertained during a visit.

These buses are fitted with silent running generator units. We have a solar power solution available as well which is environmentally friendly. The bus is also fitted with multiple air-conditioning units to ensure total comfort while operating.