Fairmont were privileged to be a part of this ground-breaking project. This project was aimed at creating a vehicle which can facilitate the examination process for obtaining a learners license. The objective is to create accessibility for all as well as to alleviate pressure on existing testing facilities.

The interior of the unit has a very striking colour scheme with yellow flooring and green counter tops. The unit is also fitted with LED lights throughout to ensure ample energy efficient lighting. The unit comes complete with nine testing stations, an examiners station as well as a pay office in the rear. Each testing station has been fitted with screen and keyboard for easy access to the examination material. Each testing station is separated by a Perspex screen to ensure proper examination controls. This unit has full connectivity which ensures testing can be completed without any disturbances.  

The unit is fitted with a silent running generator to ensure optimal examination conditions during each session. Three air-conditioners ensures everyone on board completes the examination in absolute comfort. The unit also comes complete with a toilet and basin.

An eye testing station towards the front of the unit ensures what all the requirements are met with concerns to completing a learners license examination.