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At Fairmont our passion is mobility and our vision is to empower our clients to achieve mobility, because we want them to reach their target audience with innovative solutions. We have over 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing some of the most advanced vehicle units across a multitude of sectors. Our team is highly skilled in turning concepts into reality. With our skill set we able to provide specialised services in vehicle designs, vehicle branding, custom interior layouts, maintenance of vehicles, vehicle alterations and vehicle refurbishments.

Fairmont has a proven track record in manufacturing high-quality mobile clinics, mobile laboratories and mobile offices to name but a few. Our solutions can reach a vast area while catering to a specific target market.

At Fairmont, we love to showcase what we do, so have a look at our mobiles section to gain insight into the innovative vehicles we have designed and manufactured.

Mobile units

A mobile unit can take various forms and sizes. Our solutions range from small delivery vehicles, mobile offices, to fully functional mobile clinics. Our mobile clinics are fitted with the latest optometry, dental and diagnostic equipment (mammography and X-rays). All our vehicles are custom-built to suit your needs.

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Interior of NHBRC mobile offices
Optometry equipment on mobile clinic
Mobile wellness clinic outside a school


Our services include:

Vehicle Designs
Vehicle Branding
Custom Interior Layouts
Vehicle Alterations
Vehicle Refurbishments

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